Варна и Бургас - Трите ключа

Варна и Бургас - Трите ключа
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The three keys
home, office, villa

Mladost and Choreographia Halls - PCS - Varna
Outside area - PCS
Аpplication form - Varna

International specialized



Dear exhibitors,
Opportunities for your advertisement:

The Catalogue

Includes: Information for all companies in the exhibition. Luxurious issue with coloured covers. Size of the catalogue – 1/3 from the standard page А4
The catalogue is distributed free to the visitors of the exhibition.

Advertisement (black &white):

85x55 mm – 1/3 page in the catalogue, included in the exhibitor’s fee
(For exhibitors).
Companies, not participating in the exhibition - the price is 15 EUR, without VAT
85x110 mm – 2/3 page in the catalogue - additional 15 EUR, without VAT.
85x165 mm – 3/3 1 full page in the catalogue
additional 20 EUR, without VAT.

Colour advertisement:

100x110 mm – 1/2 page in the catalogue
40 EUR, without VAT.
110x210 mm –1 full page in the catalogue
60 EUR, without VAT.
Second and third cover.
130 EUR, without VAT.
Back page
180 EUR, without VA

Colour paper Three Keys

Luxurious issue, distributed free to the visitors of the exhibitions in Varna, Bourgas, Veliko Tarnovo and Stara Zagora (spring editions) and Varna & Bourgas (autumn editions)

Prices-1 cm²
First page – full coloured – 1,50 EUR
Last page – full coloured – 1,40 EUR
Inside page – full coloured – 0,60 EUR
Article - Only text, on every page – 0,20 EUR




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